quintagroup.transmogrifier package provides easy Plone Migration Tool for migrating content from one Plone site to another. Common task for quintagroup.transmogrifier package is migration of content from old Plone version to a new one.


quintagroup.transmogrifier functionality binds to Plone via portal_setup (GenericSetup) import/export interfaces. This package overrides GenericSetup Content step, so it can be used out-the-box to migrate site content.

To perform its tasks, quintagroup.transmogrifier uses collective.transmogrifier package and Products.Marshall product.

quintagroup.transmogrifier package includes Plone blueprints for collective.transmogrifier pipelines that allow to:

  • return queried items from the catalog
  • create pipeline items from contents of Plone site folders
  • walk through different GenericSetup import contexts and yield items for every folder
  • generate and parse manifest files - listings of objects contained in some foldere in XML format
  • migrate properties for objects that inherit from OFS.PropertyManager.PropertyManager mixin class
  • use context sensitive components (adapters) to do needed corrections in data generated in previous sections
  • set references for content objects
  • migrate comments for site content
  • extract data from Archetypes file fields
  • apply stylesheet to some XML data stored on item.

You can manage import/export procedure by configuring pipeline and appropriate blueprints in quintagroup.transmogrifier configlet that appears after products installation.

Note: quintagroup.transmogrifier package was primarily developed for allowing content migration from Plone 2.1 to Plone 3.2 website. The principle of content migration between sites of different Plone versions is that you have to create buildouts for old Plone 2 site and new Plone 3 site. These buildouts should include several extra packages, since transmogrifier tool is used for Plone content migration.

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