quintagroup.transmogrifier How-tos

1. How to omit a field from an export

section blueprint: quintagroup.transmogrifier.marshaller

You can use exclude to specify a field you want to omit on export.


blueprint = quintagroup.transmogrifier.marshaller

exclude = abstract

(this is done at the point that marshall is used to create an xml rendition of the content item)

2. How to omit a particular content type

section blueprint: quintagroup.transmogrifier.sitewalker

You can set a condition (it has to be a Tales expression):


blueprint = quintagroup.transmogrifier.sitewalker

condition = python:context.getPortalTypeName() not in ('File', 'Image')

(this is done at the point that transmogrifier walks through the site)

3. How to export only a section of the site

section blueprint: quintagroup.transmogrifier.catalogsource

You can set a catalog query (rather than use a sitewalker)


blueprint = quintagroup.transmogrifier.catalogsource

modified = query = 2008-11-02T12:00:00Z; range = min

Note this is a slightly complex example, because the query parameter itself is a dict. You'll need to be fairly comfortable with writing catalog queries.

4. How to switch from workflow to another

You probably only need to do this if the workflow you want to abandon is not installed on the new site (and you don't want to install it). Otherwise use the types tool in site setup which does a much better job.

section blueprint: quintagroup.transmogrifier.datacorrector

With this method, you actually rewrite the xml that is generated by Marshall and packaged up as part of the content pipeline item. You'll need to write an adapter for this (up to you whether you do this as an export or import step) - which is complicated enough to need a page of instructions of its own.

Source: Transmogrifier, I want to .... article

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