Content migration from Plone 2.5.5 to Plone 4.0

1. Buildout for Plone 2.5.5 site

For Plone2.5.5 content export we need

Sample buildout for Plone2.5.5 is provided here:

2. Content export

Browse to portal_setup in your Plone site and on Properties tab in Active site configuration field select Transmogrifier, then click on Update button. On the Export find the Content (with handler quintagroup.transmogrifier.exportimport.exportSiteStructure) in the list of Available Export Steps select and click on Export selected steps button. Save the archive of your site content. Export can take a some time depending on the size of you database.

2.1 Changing the export/import configuration

You can tweak the transmogrifier pipelines configuration in dedicated panel by adding /@@pipeline-config to your Plone site URL (like http://localhost:8080/Plone_Site/@@pipeline-config)

3. Buildout for Plone 4 site

Follow the second part of Content Migration from Plone 3 to Plone 4

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