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quintagroup.plonecaptchas adds captcha support to Plone, it works together with quintagroup.captcha.core. With these products installed captchas will be added to Plone's Send this, Contact Us (/contact-info) forms, and Plone's default discussion mechanism: Add Comment and Reply forms.

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Join Form

quintagroup.plonecaptchas does not automatically plug to Plone's default registration (/join_form). You can make captcha plug to Plone's Join form via Zope Management Interface:

  • Go to portal_setup/manage_importSteps
  • in Select Profile or Snapshot drop down menu select Plone Captchas Join Form for plone 3-... according to the Plone version used on your site, e.g Plone Captchas Join Form for plone-3.3

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  • Move to the bottom of the page and press Import all steps
  • Captcha will now be applied to the registration form.


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