quintagroup.formlib.captcha allows adding captcha field to the zope.formlib forms. As a result such forms are prevented from automatic submit. Captcha field for formlib is based on quintagroup.captcha.core package.

Captchas in a formlib form

Using quintagroup.formlib.captcha in a formlib form is simple. Just add a Captcha field to your schema, and away you go:

    >>> from zope.interface import Interface
    >>> from quintagroup.formlib.captcha import Captcha
    >>> class CaptchaSchema(Interface):
    ...     captcha = Captcha(
    ...         title=_(u'Type the code'),
    ...         description=_(u'Type the code from the picture shown below.'))

and formlib will take care of the rest. The widget associated with this field will render the captcha and verify the use input automatically.

Supported Plone versions

quintagroup.formlib.captcha was tested with Plone 3.x and Plone 4.0.


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