(Plone 2.1.x)

qSilobreadcrumbs - is a Plone product that allows you to set silo titles for breadcrumbs items, different from object titles. Such kind of breadcrumbing is sometimes preferable for SEO purposes.

This is a common feature with varbreadcrumbs product. This task is accomplished with the help of special product qSiloGroup.

To change breadcrumbs titles, you initially have to change navigation titles. So, go to the folder that includes items, that are to be renamed. Click on Edit Nav button.

In the opened window you may change the navigation titles to what you need. Let's change Incorporate Your Business to Reasons to Incorporate.

You can also see the changes you have done through ZMI interface: go to folder properties, and you will see the changed titles in silo_items field. Here the the existing title for why.asp page (Incorporate Your Business) is changed to Reasons To Incorporate:

Breadcrumbs titles are taken from silo_items. Thus, as a result, why.asp page looks this way, with the changed breadcrumbs titles:

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