How to embed content from Facebook to Plone

Use collective.embedly package to easily embed content (photos and videos) from Facebook to your Plone 4 site.

Embedly service provides such URl patterns for adding content, so this can be any photo or video, stored on Facebook, that you might add to Plone.

To embed facebook content to Plone:

  1. Go to the object's edit form, select some text. TinyMCE makes the whole passage linked, so keep in mind that the whole passage will later be substituted with embedded media. After selecting click on the Insert/Edit? Embedly link button in TinyMCE toolbar.

  1. Insert the URL to the desired object on Facebook, e.g. Provide Advanced settings (max width, height), if needed.


  1. In the same way let's add a link for some other paragraph to a video on Facebook.
  1. Save this page. Now when rendered, there will be "preview" from service inserted instead of the linked text. The first one is a photo, the second one - is video from Facebook:

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