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     2== quintagroup.slidertemplates == 
     6The product can be used to add new responsive views for '''NG Collection Portlet'''. quintagroup.slidertemplates adds four templates: Carousel, Shelf, Vertical and Horizontal Tabs, that can customize information display. Now you don’t need to involve developer to use several custom views with collective.portlet.ngcollection. Just assign different view for each newly created portlet via it's Edit form. 
     10quintagroup.slidertemplates is simple in usage, just follow the steps: 
     12* Go to '''/@@manage-portlets''' link on the desired page. 
     13* Choose NG Collection Portlet from the “Add portlet...” drop-down menu. 
     14* Add any previously created collection. 
     15* Choose one of the offered templates: carousel, shelf, vertical or horizontal tabs. 
     16* Save portlet. 
     21== Views for NG Collection Portlet == 
     23Display collection in a beautiful '''carousel'''. Slide between items using prev/next buttons. Place carousel where you need on the page to highlight the most important information. 
     27'''Shelf''' template allows to view several items of collection simultaneously in one container. It is fully responsive. By default this view displays three items on desktop, two - for the tablet, and only one item for mobile devices. 
     31'''Horizontal Tabs''' mimic tabs behaviour. Item's name is displayed in horizontal row, by clicking on them you can switch between collection items.   
     35'''Vertical Tabs''' display item's name vertically, allowing to quickly navigate collection. 
     39Supported Plone versions: 
     40* Plone 4.3