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Plone SEOptimizer (quintagroup.seoptimizer)

Quintagroup Search Engine Optimization Tool enhances Search Engines visibility of Plone sites.


SEOptimizer products allows per document editing of:

  • HTML Title tag
  • META description tag
  • META keywords tag
  • HTML comment into page header
  • META robots tag
  • META Disposition tag
  • Canonical URL


quintagroup.seoptimizer can be installed on both traditional and buildout-based instances. See Installation instructions here.


After SEOptimizer installation you will see new item among Add-on Products Configuration - Search Engine Optimizer

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Use this configuration area to select what content types will be qSEOptimizer-enabled, to control if Dublin Core metatags are exposed in the header of content pages, еtc. Read more about SEO Configuration.


  • Go to a document for which you want to define SEO values
  • Switch to SEO Properties tab

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  • Check Override boxes for features you want to override and type-in your SEO values

  • Save

Do this for all documents that need enhanced SEO properties.

Canonical URL

Starting from version 2.0.4 SEOptimizer has new feature added to the list of SEO Properties - Canonical URL.

Canonical URL for search engine marketing purposes is the URL you want people to see. Depending on how your web site was programmed or how your tracking URLs are setup for marketing campaign, there may be more than one URL for a particular web page.

The problem most search engine marketers run into deals with domains. Sometimes if a domain is not setup properly, the domain URL ( and the www example URL ( are considered individual web pages. So, our site might have identical or vastly similar content that's accessible through multiple URLs, e.g:


Since all pages may be indexed by Google - you could get hit for duplicate content and at the very least you would be splitting your link popularity.

Canonical URL field provides you with more control over the URL returned in search results. You can specify canonical URL for every single page.

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