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Plone SEOptimizer

Quintagroup Search Engine Optimization Tool enhances Search Engines visibility of Plone sites.


SEOptimizer products allows per document editing of:

  • HTML Title tag
  • META description tag
  • META keywords tag
  • HTML comment into page header
  • META robots tag
  • META Disposition tag
  • Canonical URL


  • Install SEOptimizer in your Plone instance with QuickInstaller (Plone Control Panel -> Add/remove Products)
  • Among Add-on Products Configuration items select Search Engine Optimizer

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  • You can select what content types will be qSEOptimizer-enabled, and control if Dublin Core metatags are exposed in the header of content pages.

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  • Save changes


  • Go to a document for which you want to define SEO values
  • Switch to SEO Properties tab

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  • Check Override boxes for features you want to override and type-in your SEO values

  • Save

Do this for all documents that need enhanced SEO properties.

Canonical URL

Starting from version 2.0.4 SEOptimizer has new feature added to the list of SEO Properties - Canonical URL. Your site might have identical or vastly similar content that's accessible through multiple URLs, e.g.


Canonical URL field provides you with more control over the URL returned in search results.


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