qRSS2Syndication is a product designed by Quintagroup to generate RSS2 feeds in Plone sites. qRSS2Syndication includes support of audio and video feeds. qRSS2Syndication allows the syndication of ATAudio objects, mp3, wmv, ppt, jpg files using RSS 2.0 with enclosures.


  • Can be used to enhance default RSS support in Plone
  • Allows input number of items per RSS2 feed (default Plone RSS shows all items)
  • Include subfolders option which allows to generate RSS feed of all items in subfolders.
  • It generates RSS2 feed from Plone content like News, Pages, Events or any other content types. RSS2 feeds include links, images, etc.
  • Syndication of ATAudio objects, mp3, wmv, ppt, jpg files using RSS 2.0 with enclosures.
  • Enables podcasting with Plone
  • "Setup RSS2" tab for every feed


  1. Install as Zope product
  2. Install in your Plone instance with Quick Installer (Plone Control Panel -> Add/remove Products)
  3. Log in to ZMI. Enable syndication on your Plone site. Select portal_syndication -> Actions tab -> select Visible checkbox to enable Syndication tabs -> Save Select portal_syndication -> Properties tab -> Enable syndication

How To Enable qRRS2 Feeds For Podcasts

  1. Log in to Plone.
  2. Go to the folder which contains the audio/video files you want to Podcast
  3. Go to RSS2 setup tab and choose ATAudio objects from the list of content types
  4. Click "Save" button

How To Enable qRRS2 Feeds For Usual Objects

qRRS2 Syndication can be used not only for podcasting, as it is usually thought. It allows the syndication of any object you like, starting with blog entry and finishing with images. The procedure of enabling qRRS2 for usual objects is much the same as for podcasts.

Select content types for your feed in "Setup RSS2" tab.

Below the list of content types you can see the following features:

  • Only published content (activate if you wish to have only published content of your site to be included in your RSS feed)
  • Include subfolders content (activate if you wish your RSS feed search your site from top to bottom and grab the content not only from upper levels of navigation tree as it does by default, but also from lower levels.)
  • Articles Number (allows you to set the exact number of the articles to be included in your RSS feed)

After clicking on the "Save" button return to your home page and you will see an orange icon that appears next to the email and print icons. This is the RSS 2.0 link that you use to subscribe from your RSS reader:

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