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Plone Tabs (qPloneTabs)

Plone Tabs (qPloneTabs) is a user-friendly product for managing the tabs on the Plone site without need to go to ZMI.

Plone Tabs Features

  1. Gives an opportunity to create/delete/rename tabs using Plone Control Panel
  2. Allows changing the tabs order by drag-and-drop


  • Install as Zope product
  • Install in your Plone instance with Quick Installer (Plone Control Panel -> Add/remove Products)

How To Create New Plone Tabs

Have a look at Plone Tabs in Plone 2.5 screencast

  • Go to your Site Setup
  • Select "Plone Tabs" from the list "Add-on Product Configuration"
  • Enter the name and the link of the tab you want to create
  • Enter Tab's title
  • Click "Save" button

How to change the order of the tabs?

  • Click "Reorder" on the left of the page and you will see the list of all your tabs
  • Change the tabs order by drag-and-drop and save your changes.

How to delete or disable Tabs?

  • in case you need to get rid of a tab, press on the bin icon and the tab will be deleted for good.
  • if you only need to disable the tab, for example for some period of time, but keep it available - remove a tick from the box next to the tab's title.

How to edit Tabs?

  • choose that one you want to rename, click on it, type a new ID (title);
  • click this 'Plus' button to change the title, url or a condition under which the tab will be visible
  • advanced edit allows to set condition (to make tabs selectively appear) under which this tab is or is not visible (this is done in Template Attribute Language (TAL) - an attribute language used to create dynamic templates). Condition (Expression) -- A TALES expression that determines whether the described action should be shown or not.

Example of qPloneTabs use on

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