Thoughts, To-Dos about qPloneGoogleSitemaps

  1. Додати можливісь переглядати sitemap у табличній формі
    • xslt (дод. лінк на setup configlet)
  2. Implement integration with robots.txt:
    • add robots.txt
    • add sitemap to robots.txt
    • remove sitmap from robots
    • add sitemap-indext.xml to robots
  3. Compressing sitemap.xml

To Dos

  1. Investigate before/after traverse Events:
  2. Investigate possibility to extend list of reserved ids (for prevent adding objects with sitemap-index ids:
    1. customize check_id Python Script
    2. pach 'checkValidId' function for container: PortalFolder/PloneSite?
  3. Investigate how catch traversing for redirect unexistent sitemap-indexxml url to sitemap.xml/index or sitemap.xml?index=index
    1. bobo_traverse - callable on parent object return object instead of looked on
    2. self._post_traverse - append function and args for call after finish of traversing call self.REQUEST.post_traverse(fununction, args list) for after traversing call This not the case - will work only on success traversing (existent object)
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