UPGRADE quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps

If you want to upgrade quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps from older package version to a newer one:

  • In your Zope instance configuration or buildout - replace old package version with a new one.
  • Run Plone instance and reinstall package with Quickinstaller tool ("Add-on Products" in Plone Control Panel).

MIGRATE: Products.qPloneGoogleSitemaps -> quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps

If your want to migrate from Products.qPloneGoogleSitemaps to quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps:

  • Add to new Plone instance/buildout both qPloneGoogleSitemaps product and last version of quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps package.
  • Copy Data.fs from old Plone instance to the new one.
  • Start your new Zope instance/buildout.

The following steps are to be performed in the Plone instance:

  • With portal_migration (ZMI) - upgrade plone instance.
  • With Quickinstaller tool ("Add-on Products" in Plone Control Panel) deinstall old "Plone Google Sitemaps" product and install new version.
  • Go to *Import* tab in portal_setup tool (ZMI), select Migrate from qPloneGoogleSitemaps to quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps profile from selection box and choose same-named import step and push Import selected steps button.

And the last clean-up step:

  • Remove qPloneGoogleSitemaps product from your zope instance/buildout configuration.
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