Plone Drop Down Menu

The product allows Plone websites to update multilevel portal dropdown menu and edit it within Plone.

Supported Plone Versions


You have a list of items of your top level menu, which you can edit in drop down menu configlet form. Now, to add a submenu to a certain menu item, you need to add unordered list inside the top level menu item (<li>...</li>) after its title (<a></a>):


Sample menu with 2 submenus. In this example we add submenus to our Members, and Events tabs:

   <li id="portaltab-index_html" class="plain"><a href="" accesskey="t">Home</a></li>
   <li id="portaltab-Members" class="plain"><a href="" accesskey="t">Members</a>
           <li><a href="">John Doe</a><li>
           <li><a href="">Mary Major</a><li>
   <li id="portaltab-news" class="plain"><a href="" accesskey="t">News</a></li>
   <li id="portaltab-events" class="plain"><a href="" accesskey="t">Events</a>
           <li><a href="">Past Events</a><li>
           <li><a href="">Calendar</a><li>

Customize the following elements in your's css files to changed the appearance of drop down menu:

  • #portal-globalnav - global navigation bar
  • #portal-globalnav .csshover li.plain a, #portal-globalnav li a - global navigation link
  • #portal-globalnav .csshover li.plain a:hover, #portal-globalnav li a:hover - global navigation link hover
  • #portal-globalnav .csshover li.plain ul, #portal-globalnav li ul - global navigation drop-down box
  • #portal-globalnav .csshover li.plain ul li a, #portal-globalnav li ul li a - global navigation drop-down link
  • #portal-globalnav .csshover li.plain ul li a:hover, #portal-globalnav li ul li a:hover - global navigation drop-down link hover

You can click button on drop down menu configlet form to reset menu. This can be usefull in case broken html of menu code. Generated code is based on status of Automatically generate tabs in your Navigation settings (in Plone 2.1+). However you will lose your previous code of menu with all submenus after click on regenerate menu.

If you want to regenerate menu you should pay attention to status of Automatically generate tabs in your Navigation settings (in Plone 2.1+).


  • Myroslav Opyr
  • Vitaliy Podoba
  • Taras Melnychuk
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