Peculiarities of inserting images and links into BlogEntry?

In case you deal with BlogEntry? content type, you have to remember about the way linking works there.

When you insert a pictures or a link, be aware of the fact, that their pathways are supposed to be absolute, not relative.

Let's consider one example ( there is a Blog Olha, that contains a BlogFolder? 2006, that includes several BlogEntries?, one of which is Forums. This BlogEntry? has an image inserted with its shortname 'forums-rss-link.png'. So, its whole URL will look this way:

When Kupu is used for inserting links or images, it will definitely turn absolute links into relative ones, turning the URL to '/forums/forums-rss-link.png'.

If this happens, the images and links will not be visible on upper than BlogEntry? level. In case we use show complete entries display view on the Blog level, or BlogEntry? level, the links will not work properly as the path is relative and works differently on different levels.

The solution to this problem is use of ResolveUID links, in this case the necessary object will be found on every level wherever it is.

ResolveUID linking is also a good choice if RSS2 are in use on site. With ResolveUID links images will be visible on pages in your Favorite Feed Reader, otherwise they will not be available.

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