How to download products from SVN with Tortoise in Windows

Download Tortoise SVN and install it on your computer.

Select folder on your local computer where you want to keep products from SVN.

Press right mouse button and click on Checkout menu item.

Checkout Procedure 1

URL of repository: Enter dsired svn url

So the link should be similar to

Checkout Directory Enter final folder where the product should be downloaded. e.g. if download qPloneBlog product then enter qPloneBlog at the end of Checkout Directory url.

Click OK

Checkout Procedure 2

Click OK

Checkout Procedure 3

You can see how downloaded folder looks inside. If you download bundle of products the you see several product folders inside.

If you download one product then it should look similar to

Now you have a product folder. It includes .svn files. You should export product to other location to generate files ready to install to Plone instance.

New folder must have the same name e.g. qPloneBlog

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