This NewsItem schema extender adds possibility to pin items on top of the listings. There is "Sorting Date" field added to newsitem content type which is indexed as "effective" value when set.


This product was developed by for Plone collective, sponsored by Headnet company


After product installation all newsitems get a new field - Sorting date. This field allows to sort newsitems in a listing according to the date/time specified in this field.

  • If sorting date is NOT set - newsitems are sorted by their effective date as in default Plone.
  • If sorting date IS set - newsitems are sorted by this date.

This field can be used in cases when you don't want to change object's effective date, but need to make is appear on top of the listing.


We have 4 newsitems in the News folder, they are now sorted by the date they were published:

If now we want NewsItem 2 to appear at the top of the listing - we edit this newsitem and set the most recent date (e.g. the time/date we have now) as its Sorting Date:

As a result NewItem 2 will be displayed on top of News listing, while its location in the News portlet remained unchanged (news portlets item sorting remained unchanged - according to the effective date).

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