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This product was developed by for Plone collective, sponsored by Headnet company


This package provides TinyMCE visual editor support for service, so that media (audio, video, photo, ...) can be inserted to Plone from different services: video streaming services, audio resources, photo stocks, etc.

The approach here is to use the Transform machinery to replace the URL with embed code by calling the API.


  1. Go to your site HTML Filtering panel (/@@filter-controlpanel) and remove embed and object from the list of Nasty tags and add them to the list of Custom tags.
  1. Go to the object's edit form, select some text and choose "Embedly link" style for it

  1. The text should now look like linked (TinyMCE makes the whole passage linked)
  2. Select this text again and go to Insert link to insert the URL to the desired object (e.g.
  3. Save this page

Now when rendered, there will be "preview" from service inserted instead of the linked text.

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