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4The MailHost product provides support for sending email from within the Zope
5environment using MailHost objects.
7An optional character set can be specified to automatically encode unicode
8input, and perform appropriate RFC 2822 header and body encoding for the
9specified character set. Full python email.Message.Message objects may be sent.
11Email can optionally be encoded using Base64, Quoted-Printable or UUEncode
12encoding (though automatic body encoding will be applied if a character set is
15MailHost provides integration with the Zope transaction system and optional
16support for asynchronous mail delivery. Asynchronous mail delivery is
17implemented using a queue and a dedicated thread processing the queue. The
18thread is (re)-started automatically when sending an email. The thread can be
19started manually (in case of restart) by calling its
20manage_restartQueueThread?action=start method through HTTP. There is currently
21no possibility to start the thread at Zope startup time.
23Supports TLS/SSL encryption (requires Python compiled with SSL support).
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