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4This package extends collection portlet with some useful features:
5 - configurable appearance of portlet item . You can specify what
6   attributes to display in portlet. By default 'Title' and
7   'Description' attributes are configurable.
9 - configurable portlet style. You can set particular style for particular
10   portlet. To define your own styles for portlets, you should edit special
11   property named 'portlet_dropdown'. This property is located in
12   'portal_properties-> qcollectionportlet_properties'. To create
13   new style - add new line containing two values divided by pipe. The first
14   value is a css style class that will be added to portlet, the second value
15   is a label that will be shown in portlet dropdown menu.
16   For example: portletStaticClassOne|Class One
18 - more... link for each portlet item . You can enable showing  more link
19   for every item  displayed in portlet.
21 - configurable linking for portlet items. There is boolean field
22   named 'Link title', if enabled - item's title will be linked to the
23   corresponding object.
25 - batching. Portlet items can be split into pages. You can specify number
26   of items to be displayed on page.
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