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     7* click on the link of the Site Setup in the top right corner of your Plone site 
     10* choose the first item Add/Remove Products in the Plone Configuration list 
     13* select the product qPloneGoogleSitemaps 0.4.10 in the left column of the products table, where you can view all the Plone products available for install 
     16* press the install button below the table and make sure the product appeared in the right column of installed products 
     19* sign into [ Google Sitemaps] with your [ Google Account] 
     22* Add your Plone site to your Google account, e.g. ! 
     25* Click the "Add a Sitemap" link beside the site 
     28* Choose the "General Web Sitemap" option 
     31* Type the URL to your Sitemap location in the provided field. Make sure you include the entire URL, such as ! 
     34* Click "Add Web Sitemap" 
     35       You will see the following list: 
     36      - I've created a Sitemap in a supported format 
     38      - I've uploaded my Sitemap to the highest-level directory to which I have access 
     40      - My Sitemap URL is: ! 
     43*  Indicate that you've done all of the actions mentioned and click verify button 
     47* After that you will be informed about two methods of verification they offer: uploading an HTML file with a name they specify, or adding a META tag to your site's index file. Choose the first method as it is the most convenient and not so time-consuming as the second one 
     50* Copy the name of the verification file specified below  - google999999999999999.html 
     53* Go to your Plone site setup 
     56* Click on the link of Google Site Maps in the list “Add-on Product Configuration” 
     59* Select the tab “Verification” 
     62* Enter verification file name (similar to google999999999999999.html) in the field provided 
     65* Click on the button “Create verification file” 
     68* Go back to Google site verification page by clicking on the link placed in the “Verification” tab 
     71*  Indicate that you: 
     73     - created a file named google999999999999999.html 
     75     - uploaded the file to  ! and can view  ! in the browser of Google. 
     78* Click on the “Verify button” 
     81*  Google will verify that the file exists in the specified location. If it does, it'll show a status of VERIFIED and provide a link to your site statistics. You can view your statistics at any time after your site is verified by clicking the site link on the My Sites page. 
     82      If Google can't access the file, it'll give you information about the error it encountered. Once this problem is resolved, try to verify your site again. 
     85* To view the lists of Sitemaps you've added for a site, click the number in the Sitemaps column beside the site. You can also click the site and then click the "Sitemaps" tab. The "Sitemaps" tab for that site opens. When you initially add a Sitemap, the status displays as Pending. Once Google processes your Sitemap (which may take several hours), this status will change to either OK or to an error. If you receive an error, click on it to view additional information.