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    4141 * To view the lists of Sitemaps you've added for a site, click the number in the Sitemaps column beside the site. You can also click the site and then click the '''"Sitemaps"''' tab. The '''"Sitemaps"''' tab for that site opens. When you initially add a Sitemap, the status displays as '''Pending'''. Once Google processes your Sitemap (which may take several hours), this status will change to either OK or to an error. If you receive an error, click on it to view additional information. 
     43== The tab “Settings” in Plone Google Sitemapap configuration == 
     45Due to the tab '''“Settings”''' in ''Plone Google Sitemap configuration'' users can manage their Sitemap. They can do the following: 
     46 * choose the content types in the field '''“Meta Types to dig”''' they want to be displayed in their Sitemap.  (As a rule, '''Page''' is set as the default content type of the Plone Google Sitemap. However, it would be much better for the Google to see some other content types in your Plone Google Sitemap, like '''Folder''' or '''FormMailer'''.) 
     47 * select the state of the objects to be visible in the Sitemap (using the field '''“State”''') 
     48 * make some objects  invisible in the Sitemap by entering their IDs in the field '''“Blackout Entries”''' 
     49enable the desired objects to be shown even though their content type was not chosen in the field '''“Meta Types to dig”''' (by entering their IDs in the field '''“Additional URLs”''') 
     51 == Note: == 
     52It is essential to avoid the situation when there are two objects with the same content in the Sitemap, e.g.  a folder and its default page. Various methods can be applied in such cases. One can either forbid ids of these objects by entering them in the field '''“Blackout entries”''' or make sure the default pages are not published unlike folders.