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Plone Google Maps

Plone Google Maps (qPloneGoogleMaps) is a Google Maps view product for the Plone content management system which enables integration of Google Maps into Plone sites.

Plone Google Maps Installation

  • Install qPloneGoogleMaps and geolocation as Zope products
  • Install these two products in your Plone instance with Quick Installer (Plone Control Panel ->Add/remove Products)

How To Use qPloneGoogleMaps

Due to qPloneGoogleMaps you can set up the latitude and longitude of your site objects and have their maps exhibited on your site.

Let's assume you have a page with the description of School1 and with the latitude-longitude parameters set up. Go to this page and have a look at the portlet with the map on the bottom of the page:

If you click on the "large screen" below the portlet, you will be able to see the full-size map of the page with its description:

Use Case 1

  • Suppose you have a folder "School".
  • Create two pages for this folder ("School1", "School2")

Choose the object you need and click on the tab "geolocation", which appeared after the installation of the Plone product with the same name. You will see a page with latitude and longitude fields and an empty Google map. Fill in the fields with the latitude and longitude values, click the "Save" button and you will see the changes on the map below.

In case you want to change the location of your object, you don't need to know the exact latitude longitude values: just click on the map region you need, and the marker of the object will move in a way you like.

If you click on the display view drop-down menu, you will see an additional "maps view".

Suppose, we have a folder with two pages, for both of which the latitude and longitude parameters have been set up. Go to this folder and choose "maps view" from the "display" drop-down menu. You will see the map with both of these objects marked with the markers. If you click on one of these objects you will see its name appear beside it.

Use Case 2

Due to qPloneGoogleMaps the folders on your site can have an additional content type "Map".

  • Suppose, you have a folder "Nigeria".
  • Go to this folder and add "map" item from the "add item" drop-down menu.
  • If you go to the "map" you've created, you will notice that it can have an additional content type "overlay":

You can create an overlay in the following way:

  • Add an overlay to the map
  • Enter its Short Name and title

  • now choose the object with the latitude-longitude parameters you want your marker to be tied to and click "insert":

  • After browsing the object for the marker select the marker's color which will be shown on the map
  • Click the "Save" button.

You can create overlays for all the pages in the folder if you want all of them to be shown on one map. Go to this folder and choose the maps view. Your map will look like this: