Plone Google Sitemaps

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Plone Google Sitemaps allows search engine to have better visibility of your Plone website.

Post-install instructions

Congratulations, you've installed Plone Google Sitemaps product from Quintagroup.

First step
Your site is Google Sitemaps enabled already. Check sitemap XML to see generated sitemap document of your website. It should contain URLs of all published objects. If you see something that should not be indexed by Google, retract objects or exclude sections with robots.txt (that GoogleBot obey).
Second step
Make Google know of your sitemap:
  1. go to Google Sitemaps Central (logging in / signing up as necessary)
  2. add your sitemap URL:
It takes a while for your sitemap to be processed by Google. Usually within 24 hours it processes hte sitemap so do not expect your submission to be processed instantly.

Helpful resources

google-sitemaps discussion group
As Google Sitemaps is emerging technology, we are all learning from it. Google set up discussion group to find your ideas about it. You can find help from other webmasters as they usually found answers to questions that you have. If not you are free to ask, to praise and to ramble ;)
Plone Google Sitemaps product page
Stay tuned. We are preparing new and fresh releases. Product page will help you to keep informed about them.