Build 6119 - Success

Configuration: treemap
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Changeset [4412] by potar
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slave_plone-3.1.x (
Operating system:
Linux 2.6.21-2950.fc8xen (posix)
i686 (athlon)
03/05/12 11:36:17 (2 years ago)
03/05/12 11:37:42 (2 years ago)
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buildbuildout (5 seconds)


Filling buildout.tmpl -> buildout.cfg (backup buildout.cfg.bak)

clean (4 seconds)


D src/
F src/
F src/
F src/

runbuildout (36 seconds)


Extracting in /tmp/tmpOokQ_e
Now working in /tmp/tmpOokQ_e/distribute-0.6.24
Building a Distribute egg in /tmp/tmpijZNBe
warning: no files found matching 'Makefile' under directory 'docs'
warning: no files found matching 'indexsidebar.html' under directory 'docs'
mr.developer: Queued '' for checkout.
mr.developer: Switched '' with subversion.
Develop: 'src/'
warning: no previously-included files matching '*.pyc' found anywhere in distribution
warning: no previously-included files matching '*.mo' found anywhere in distribution
Uninstalling test.
Uninstalling zopepy.
Uninstalling instance.
Updating _mr.developer.
Updating plone.
Updating zope2.
Updating fake eggs
Updating productdistros.
Installing instance.
Generated script 'bin/instance'.
Installing zopepy.
Generated interpreter 'bin/zopepy'.
Installing test.

test (39 seconds)


Installing CMFCore ... done (0.826s)
Installing CMFDefault ... done (0.503s)
Installing CMFCalendar ... done (0.088s)
Installing CMFTopic ... done (0.038s)
Installing DCWorkflow ... done (0.118s)
Installing CMFActionIcons ... done (0.028s)
Installing CMFQuickInstallerTool ... done (0.130s)
Installing CMFFormController ... done (1.887s)
Installing GroupUserFolder ... done (1.726s)
Installing ZCTextIndex ... done (0.353s)
Installing CMFPlone ... done (5.824s)
Installing Archetypes ... done (0.121s)
Installing ATContentTypes ... done (0.149s)
Installing ATReferenceBrowserWidget ... done (0.010s)
Installing CMFDynamicViewFTI ... done (0.108s)
Installing ExternalEditor ... done (0.085s)
Installing ExtendedPathIndex ... done (0.059s)
Installing ResourceRegistries ... done (0.021s)
Installing SecureMailHost ... done (0.041s)
Installing CMFPlacefulWorkflow ... done (0.111s)
Installing PasswordResetTool ... done (0.141s)
Installing PluggableAuthService ... done (0.182s)
Installing PluginRegistry ... done (0.023s)
Installing PlonePAS ... done (0.231s)
Installing kupu ... done (0.388s)
Installing CMFEditions ... done (0.087s)
Installing CMFDiffTool ... done (0.050s)
Installing PloneLanguageTool ... done (0.128s)
Running tests at level 1
Test-module import failures:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "src/", line 11, in ?
from Products.PloneTestCase.version import PLONE40
ImportError: No module named version
Total: 0 tests, 0 failures, 0 errors
Test-modules with import problems:

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Convention Refactor Warning Error

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