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4Plone Migration Tool for migrating content between two Plone websites that allows to export content
5from one Plone website and import it into another one.
7quintagroup.transmogrifier package includes Plone blueprints for collective.transmogrifier pipelines
8that are used for exporting/importing Plone site content. So, quintagroup.transmogrifier package can
9be used as independent Plone Migration Tool by providing ways for handling content migration from one
10Plone site to another. This package overrides GenericSetup 'Content' step - so this package can be used
11 out-the-box to migrate site content.
13The included blueprints allow to:
15 * quintagroup.transmogrifierreturn queried items from the catalog
16 * create pipeline items from contents of Plone site folders
17 * walk through different GenericSetup import contexts and yield items for every folder
18 * generate and parse manifest files - listings of objects contained in some foldere in XML format
19 * migrate properties for objects that inherit from OFS.PropertyManager.PropertyManager mixin class
20 * use context sensitive components (adapters) to do needed corrections in data generated in previous sections
21 * set references for content objects
22 * migrate comments for site content
23 * extract data from Archetypes file fields
24 * apply stylesheet to some XML data stored on item.
26You can manage import/export procedure by configuring pipeline and appropriate blueprints in quintagroup.transmogrifier
27configlet that appears after products installation.
29Apart from standard Plone content types migration, quintagroup.transmogrifier allows to carry out migration of
30additional Plone content types. There are special packages used for such cases: these are
31quintagroup.transmogrifier.simpleblog2quills (allows blog migration from SimpleBlog to Quills) and
32quintagroup.transmogrifier.pfm2pfg (allows forms migration from PloneFromMailer to PloneFormGen).
37Design and development by:
39* Bohdan Koval
40* Andriy Mylenkyy
41* Vitaliy Podoba
42* Volodymyr Cherepanyak
43* Myroslav Opyr
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