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[2168]1Plone Google Sitemaps product allows Plone websites to get better visibility for Google search engine by providing it with complete listing of URLs to website content.
3Plone Google Sitemaps allows you to enable different kinds of Google Sitemaps on your Plone website. Such Sitemaps help Google identify site URLs and the data under each site section. With Google Sitemaps
4enabled, search engines could track your Plone site URLs faster and more efficiently, optimizing their search by placing all the information on one page.
6With Plone Google Sitemaps product you can enable following Sitemap types on your Plone website:
8* 'Content Sitemap' - is a regular list of pages on your website. Creating and submitting such a Sitemap lets Google know about all the pages on your Plone web site, including URLs that may not be discoverable by Google's normal crawling process.
10* 'Mobile Sitemap' - is a specific type of Sitemap, that indexes all site URLs that serve content for mobile devices.
[2426]12* 'News Sitemap' - is different from regular Sitemaps, since it is specific to Google News only.
13  It uses the Sitemap protocol, with additional News-specific tags, defined by Google.
15Different Sitemap types index their own content and do not depend on other Sitemaps.
[3005]20To enable Google Sitemaps on your site:
[3005]22* Add Sitemap(s) at Google Sitemap "Settings" tab (Add-on Products Configuarion -> Google Sitemaps). You can add any of the Sitemap types: content, mobile or news.
[3005]24* Let Google know about your Sitemap(s) by adding your Sitemap to Google Sitemaps.
[3005]26See more detailed instructions on Plone Google Sitemaps usage at
[3005]31If you UPGRADE older version of quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps package to newer:
[3005]341. In your zope instance configuration or buildout - replace old package version with new one.
352. Run plone instance and reinstall package with Quickinstaller tool ("Add-on Products" in plone control panel).
[3005]37If your MIGRATE from Products.qPloneGoogleSitemaps to quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps:
[3005]401. Add to new plone instance/buildout both qPloneGoogleSitemaps product and last version quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps package.
412. Copy Data.fs from old Plone instance to new one.
423. Start your new zope instance/buildout.
[3005]44The following steps are performed in the plone instance:
[3005]464. With portal_migration (ZMI) - upgrade plone instance.
475. With Quickinstaller tool ("Add-on Products" in plone control panel) deinstall old "Plone Google Sitemaps" product and install new version.
486. Go to *Import* tab in portal_setup tool (ZMI), select "Migrate from qPloneGoogleSitemaps to quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps" profile from selection box and choose same-named import step and push "Import selected steps" button.
50And the last clean-up steps:
527. Remove qPloneGoogleSitemaps product from your zope instance/buildout configuration.
[3005]58Watch Plone Google Sitemaps Screencasts at to see how to use this products on your Plone instance. Learn about how to install and configure Sitemaps on your Plone instance, how to create new Google Sitemaps, and how to let Google know about them.
[3005]63* See "Google Sitemaps": website for more information.
64* Product Homepage:
65* Documentation Area:
66* Repository:
67* Releases:
68* Watch "Plone Google Sitemeps" Screencast at
[3005]73The product was developed by team:
[3005]75* Myroslav Opyr
76* Andriy Mylenkyi
77* Nazar Ilchuk
78* Mykola Kharechko
[3005]80Copyright (c) "Quintagroup":, 2004-2010
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