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4Plone Comments (quintagroup.plonecomments) is a Plone product developed
[1374]5to improve the site managers and editors experience with standard
[820]6commenting mechanism in Plone.
[1375]11Plone Comments allows to:
[1178]13* Notify admin about comment posted
14* Notify commentator about his comment aproval
15* Notify author of parent comment about new follow up added
16* Moderation of comments, approval of comments
17* Anonymous commenting
18* Added Name field to comment form, it is required for anonymous comments
19* Article author can be notified about new comment after the approval by reviewer
20* List of recent comments for more comfortable moderation
[1178]22Plone Comments Configlet allows:
[1178]24* Turning on/off Moderation
25* Turning on/off Manager notification
26* Turning on/off Editor notification
27* Turning on/off Anonymous Commenting
28* Configure admin e-mail for notifications
29* Configure notification subject
[1178]31Plone Comments can be integrated with Plone Captchas (requires quintagroup.plonecaptchas to be installed)
[976]36Comments moderation is implemented with involvement of two stage workflow.
37Comments are created in "private" state and visible only to DiscussionManager
38group of users.
[976]40To differentiate between logged-in (registered) commentors and Anonymous
41commentors that pretend to be one person or other one, we use Boldness of
42name. The Comment author is in bold when posted by logged in member. The
43names provided when posting Anonymously are in plain text.
[1375]45Notification subject control allows to enter custom prefix to distinct
46notifications coming from different sites.
[976]51One of possible UseCases:
[1178]53Moderation is enabled and authors notification is turned on.
[1178]55- New comment posted in private state.
56- Notification is sent to the emails entered in Plone Comments configlet.
57- Moderator User with DiscussionManager role see the comment.
58- The comment can be deleted or published on modaration stage.
59- When comment is published notification is sent to Article Editor.
[1178]65* Get latest development version from "SVN":
[2483]67* Watch Plone Comments Screencast to learn how to install and set up Plone Comments on your buildout-based Plone instance for Plone 3.2 or above. You will also find one of the possible use cases of using Plone Comments Plone add-on included.
[2483]69* Watch Plone Comments Use Cases Screencast to learn about integration of Plone Comments with Plone Captchas, see 2 examples of possible use cases: anonymous and registered users commenting.
[3324]74* Plone 4
[1178]75* Plone 3.x
[982]80The product is developed and maintained by team.
[1178]82* Volodymyr Cherepanyak
83* Andriy Mylenkyy
84* Mykola Kharechko
85* Vitaliy Stepanov
[2483]86* Roman Kozlovskyi
91* Gerry Kirk: product translations improvement and proofreading
92* Dorneles Tremea: code cleanup and generic setup porting
[3073]93* Andreas Stocker: German translation
94* Héctor Velarde: Spanish translation
95* Benjamin Klups: French translation
96* Kees Hink: Dutch translation
97* Erico Andrei: Portuguese translation
98* Olha Pelishok: Ukraininan translation
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