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[1559]4This package designed for extend Documents, Events and containers with additional
5'Mobile Content' field. This field may contains alternative content in mobile
6presentation of the object.
[1559]8On creation and/or editing an object, if some content added to mentioned field, -
9object marks with interface. Object marked
10with this interface take into consideration by other Quintagroup product -
11qPlongGoogleSitemaps for mobile sitemap creation. For simplifying object marking
12with interface there is
13*Manage Mobile Content* configlet, which alows you to mark/unmark object with
14mentioned inteface.
16On installation to portal_skins added *mobile_extender* File system directory
17view, which contains alternative views for document, events and containers.
18But this layer not added to existent themes by default because it lead to
19changing presentation of mentioned objects with data from 'Mobile Content'
20or if it empty - from the 'Text' field. So to apply mentioned behavior you
21should add manually 'mobile_extender' layer to theme, which you design to use as
22mobile one, just after 'custom' layer.
24On installation also registered 'Manage Mobile Content' configlet and
26Installs: using 'Add/Remove Product' section on 'Site Setup' page.
27Depends on: 'archetypes.schemaextender' package.
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