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[3047]1Quintagroup Analytics Tool for Plone
[3047]4.. figure::
[3047] provides statistic information about your Plone site. It
7adds few content stats views of plone content workflow states, ownership and
8portlets registered on different contexts.
[3031]10Information provided by Quintagroup Analytics Tool allows you to see Plone site
11content from different perspectives. This information can be very useful while
12migrating your site into newer Plone version, or into another CMS.
14With its help you can visually audit the content setup in Plone site before migration
15and compare it with the migrated website structure.
[3040]20To see your Plone site statistic information - navigate to 'Quintagroup Analytics' item
[3034]21under Add-on Products Configuarion. Browse through all configlet tabs to see all statistic
22information, generated by Quintagroup Analytics Tool:
[3040]24* Content Ownership by Type - information about most popular content types on your site. Here you
[3034]25  can see the most frequently created content types on your site and their owners.
[3040]26* Content Ownership by State - information about site's content workflow states. Here you can see
[3034]27  how many content object are published/submitted for review/etc. and their owners.
[3040]28* Content Types by State - information about site's most frequently created content types and their
[3034]29  workflow states.
[3040]30* Site Portlets - information about site portlets assigned throughout site sections. This information
31  can be exported into .csv format. You can see all portlets assigned on your site and edit them.
32* Legacy Portlets - information about legacy assigned throughout site sections. This information
33  can be exported into .csv format.
[3034]34* Properties stats - information on certain property values for all site objects, such as
[3035]35  titles, descriptions, etc. This information can be exported into .csv format.
[3034]40Plone 3.x, Plone 4.0
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50Authors and contributors
53* Myroslav Opyr
54* Volodymyr Cherepanyak
55* Taras Melnychuk
56* Bohdan Koval'
57* Roman Kozlovskyi
58* Vitaliy Podoba
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