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Building directory structure

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1get rid of getFileFieldContentType method
2listSyndicatableContent should use ExtendedPathindex in query on Plone 2.1+
5itunes related:
8- add length of video file from a atvideo object to like in
9- add categories to the channel for itunes feed
10- add <itunes:keywords> for an item aggregated from the keywords of the object or tags(?)
11- subtitle for items and channel (maybe take first sentence of description)
12- add tab for smartfolder to configure the itunes related parameters (enable itunes support, channel image,...)
13- strip html tags from <itunes:summary> and <itunes:subtitle>, substitute <br /> and </p> with a new line (\n)
15maybe add a check for the type of the items (mp3, m4a, m4v, mp4, mov, ..) that itunes understand, otherwise output
16an error - dont know how to implement that, maybe its not possible at all
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