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1Installing SimpleBlog
5    * Plone 2.0.1 or higher
6    * Archetypes 1.2.5-rc4
9    * Copy the entire SimpleBlog folder to your zope Products folder and restart Zope
10    * Use QuickInstaller to install SimleBlog into your Plone site.
12Important: if you use Plone version prior to 2.0.1 you will most definitely get the following zope error:
14  Error Type
15  AttributeError
16  Error Value
17  LazyCat instance has no attribute '_seq'
19So, when you get this you don't have the proper version.
21During the installation, SimpleBlog creates a workflow that is attached to the BlogEntry portal type.
22This workflow is very simple and has two states: 'draft' and 'published'. Of course you can create your
23own workflow but this one is made for your convenience.
25Also, a simpleblog_tool is installed in the portal which gives you a few parameters that you can
26adjust for SimpleBlog. If you run Plone 2.0 then you can control these parameters from inside Plone. Go to
27plone setup as admin and there you'll see a control panel for SimpleBlog. The readme.txt will tell you more
28about what you can configure for SimpleBlog.
30When the installation is finished, you should check the permissions in ZMI for your portal. There will be two
31permissions added: 'SimpleBlog: Add Blog' and 'SimpleBlog: Add Blogentry'.
32You most certainly will have to assign roles, otherwise no one will be able to add Blogs but the Manager.
34That's about all. Don't forget to read the readme!
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